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Wills & Estates

Estate Planning


I advise everyone that they should have a Will and Power of Attorney, yes, that advice is self-serving as I am paid to provide those documents, but also because they are important in dealing with your assets and providing for your loved ones.


Wills are important for everyone to have, from singles to the couple that have been married for 50 years, but if you have children or you are a member of a blended family YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY speak to someone about a Will.

The reason I advise everyone to get a Power of Attorney is what I call the “Bus Theory”. Everyone has heard the story that their grandmother told them to always wear clean underwear because you might be hit by a bus, well in the case that something unexpected might happen to you (bus, stroke, accident, etc.) which makes you unable to handle your own financial affairs someone should be appointed to do so until you can get back on your feet otherwise you will recover to what could potentially be a financial mess. Without the Power of Attorney, if the Bus does catch you not looking both ways, you will have left a family member looking to a lawyer to help them through the much more expensive court process of obtaining a committeeship in order to help you out.


As part of your estate plan, you should also be speaking with financial planners, insurance providers, and other professionals depending on your situation. Along with these other professional, I work to provide you with a complete estate plan. 


Estate Administration/Probate


 First thing, unless there is a reason that the Estate needs to be dealt with immediately, upon the passing of a loved one, take the time to grieve.


When you are ready, you can set up a meeting with me and we will go over what is needed in administering your loved one’s estate.

Being an Executor or an Administrator is no easy task, nor is it a short one. The process will take month, and in most cases over a year to complete, and will requires knowledge in the areas of tax, accounting, the law, and others depending on the estate.

I will be acting as your guide, providing you with advice on how to obtain a Grant from the Court, how the estate should be distributed, how to protect yourself from liability (from creditors, from the Canada Revenue Agency, from the Beneficiaries of the Estate, etc.) and I will help you find advise from other professionals who can help you in this process, if needed.

Follow the link below to the Court of Queen’s Bench Form 74 AA which sets out the fees and responsibilities for the personal representative (otherwise known as the Executor or Administrator) and same for the lawyer of the Personal Representative:


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